Mobile phone confiscated, set fire to dormitory: 19 students died

He was going to set the dormitory on fire after he was punished by confiscating his mobile phone. This may be the reason behind the horrific fire that destroyed a school dormitory, killed 19 students and injured nine in Mahdia, Guyana, last Sunday. According to reports from local authorities, one of the students who was punished with his mobile phone confiscated after discovering his affair with an elderly man may have set the fire.

A punishment that would incur the wrath of the young woman who first threatened to set the building on fire, then put her crazy intentions into practice. The 14-year-old then went to the bathroom and sprayed the curtains with insecticide and set the curtains on fire with a match. At that time, the dormitory doors were closed by the guard to prevent the girls from going out at night, and the rooms turned into a hell trap for the 19 students who were killed. The arsonist is not among the alleged victims, but is hospitalized with burns. According to health ministry adviser Leslie Ramsammy, when she recovers, she will be taken to juvenile detention center, where she will remain until she comes of age.

Source: Today IT