Attacked the crowd with rifles and knives: killed 3 people

Three people, including two policemen, were killed and one injured in an attack carried out by a gang with a rifle and knife in Japan. According to local media reports, the perpetrator of the frenzied act barricaded himself inside a building. According to first-hand details of the incident, a man dressed in camouflage first stabbed a woman, then opened what appeared to be a shotgun fire, killing four people in Nagano prefecture in central Japan. According to the news of the national television NHK, two police officers were killed and one person was injured in the attack. It was not immediately clear whether they had been stabbed or shot. It was determined that the woman with the knife, who was taken to the hospital, died.

According to TV, the suspect wore a camouflage hat, top and pants, sunglasses and a mask. Nagano Municipality warned citizens to stay at home in a statement on social media. Gun violence is extremely rare in Japan. The country has one of the lowest such crime rates in the world, thanks to its extremely strict gun control laws. According to data compiled by the University of Sydney’s Sydney School of Public Health, only nine gunshot deaths occurred in 2018 in the country of 125 million, compared with 39,740 deaths in the United States that same year.

Despite this, former prime minister Shinzo Abe, the country’s longest-serving leader, was shot dead during an election speech last year. His assassination created a shock wave in the country and the international community. The murder suspect used a homemade gun.

Source: Today IT