Donna dies on her birthday after eating poisoned chocolate

The woman who ate the chocolates given as a birthday present died. It occurred on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Lindaci Viegas Batista de Carvalho received flowers and candy from an unidentified person to celebrate her special day.

The sister told the police that the woman began to feel nauseous after eating the chocolates. When the rescued arrived at the hospital, the doctors could not help but declared death. Relatives of the woman said that the woman was threatened on social media when she spit out saying that her son, who tasted the chocolate, tasted bad.

According to the information obtained, a phone call was made to the addressee in which he informed that the package was delivered to him. The woman refused to start eating them until her ex-husband took responsibility for sending the gift, but later revealed she was joking. The victim’s sister said she did not consider him a suspect, as the former couple had a good relationship.

Delivering flowers and chocolates on the victim’s birthday, the rider realized that the suspect’s son had delivered the order.

Source: Today IT