Russia, move non-strategic nukes: move pales the West

Russia does not stand by and watch. Moscow Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu signed an agreement on non-strategic nuclear weapons to be deployed in Belarus with his Belarusian counterpart Viktor Khrenin. The agreement outlines the procedure for storing Russian nuclear weapons in a special storage facility on Belarusian territory. As Shoigu noted, the measures implemented by Russia and Belarus “fulfill all existing international legal obligations”. The measure comes in response, according to Shoigu, to NATO activities in the region: “The defense ministers – explained Minsk – also discussed the political-military situation and the technical-military cooperation between the defense ministries”. Shoigu, in particular, announced that “new measures can be taken in the future to ensure the security of the state of the union between Russia and Belarus”.

By continuing to provide weapons and military assistance to Ukraine during the war, Western countries are intensifying the armed conflict and seem to be doing everything to provoke a military escalation, according to the version of Vladimir Putin’s supporter, who later added: “All What is possible is being done to prolong and escalate the armed conflict in Ukraine, which is receiving military support of all kinds.” The tension bar always remains at dangerous levels.

Source: IL Tempo