The billionaire who spent $2 million to look young

According to the description on his website, Johnson is one of the founders of Braintree Venmo, a company he sold for $800 million. He also founded camel, “builder of the world’s first non-invasive, community-wide brain imaging system; OS Fund, an investor in synthetic biology, computationally derived therapies and advanced materials; And Blueprintan attempt to bring about cooperation between humanity, AI and the earth from within yourself.”

This businessman is obsessed with looking younger every day, so he follows a strict diet, sports routine and all kinds of medical procedures that will allow him to achieve his goal.

To achieve his goal, Johnson spent approx 2 million dollars (nearly 9,500 million Colombian pesos). Treatment has been carried out on his skin, tendons, kidneys, intestines, brain, liver, among others.

She uses seven body care creams daily. Likewise, he does weekly exfoliations and laser therapy. To block blue light, the use of glasses is of the utmost importance and is also attended by more than one 30 doctors, according to the newspaper ‘El Correo’.

Source: El heraldo