Disappearing scammer Unidentified Melissa: rotten foot found on beach

What happened to Melissa Caddick? That’s the question that’s been circulating in the Australian media and social media for two and a half years amid conflicting and sometimes exaggerated theses, controversial witnesses, and an eerie clue to the unsolved mystery: a rotting foot found on a beach. The only thing certain is that the woman was a swindler and the disappearance occurred just as the authorities were about to uncover the machinations used by this 49-year-old financial advisor to elude her victims.

Caddick officially disappeared in November 2020. A few days ago, police had come to the woman’s Sydney home to look for evidence of an alleged scam (which later turned out to be true) against her clients. A kind of “Ponzi scheme”: the adviser made savings by claiming to invest his clients in securities and paying promising dividends. However, these dividends weren’t the result of successful investments, they were simply money from new clients who were spreading word of mouth about Caddick’s incredible achievements.

Moreover, the victims were part of an ever-expanding circle of relatives and friends. According to investigators, the woman would have managed to steal about 28m euros from more than 60 customers. The money he used to finance a luxury lifestyle, in turn, allowed him to promote, establish himself as a successful consultant, thereby obtaining new consulting contracts.

Fraud is the only certainty in this matter. In fact, even his death should have been certain, according to the results of analyzes of the foot found in a shoe on a Sydney beach months later: according to the coroner, the foot belonged to Caddick and the type of amputation would be incompatible. with the woman surviving such an injury. Doctor Elizabeth Ryan wrote, “My conclusion is that Melissa Caddick is dead. However, I don’t think the evidence supports how, when, or where she died.”

However, the fact that the foot is in a state of decay leaves room for doubt. What enthusiasts, more or less forensic experts, filled the case with various theories. To deepen the mystery, there’s the demeanor of the woman’s husband, a certain hairstylist and part-time DJ, Anthony Koletti, who took more than 30 hours to report his wife missing. The man later contradicted himself several times as he reconstructed the last days he saw his wife at home, while an investigator following the case underlined that Koletti was not very interested in her fate. Police investigation, which was incomplete according to lawyers of some victims of the scam, also revealed that Koletti had sent several messages from his wife’s phone pretending to be himself.

So what happened to Melissa Caddick? One theory circulating on social media is that the woman staged a drama to make her believe she died thanks to her husband. But investigators believe the most likely hypothesis is that the financial adviser took his own life after learning that police discovered his fraud by jumping into the sea. The found foot may have been separated from the body, either because it hit rocks (it could be in a rotting body) or because of sharks’ movement.

Source: Today IT