Roger Waters sings in Nazi disguise in Berlin while under investigation for hate speech

In a uniform reminiscent of the Nazis, he performed at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin and sang some of his classic songs. For this reason, former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters is under investigation for inciting hatred in Germany. However, fans of the 79-year-old Briton defended the artist, claiming that the performance was a re-creation of satirical scenes from the band’s critique of fascism hit album ‘The Wall’. Images of the concert on 17 May, which circulated on social media and caused a sensation, showed the famous singer and bassist in a leather jacket and a red armband with the symbol of two crossed hammers vaguely resembling a Nazi hammer.

The coat of arms was also an iconography seen in the costumes of the 1982 movie “The Wall,” starring rock star and activist Bob Geldof. As he sang in front of the audience, a giant pig flew in with the same symbols, as well as the symbols of the multinational oil company Shell and a star of David. Several articles appeared on stage screens, some comparing Anne Frank with Shireen Abu Akleh, a Palestinian Al Jazeera journalist killed by the Israeli army while watching the clashes between Tel Aviv and Israeli forces in Jerusalem.

Nazi symbols, flags and uniforms are prohibited in Germany. Police said Waters is being investigated under a separate law on suspicion of “provoking the public”. Waters’s costume “violates the dignity of the victims and condone, glorifies or justifies the violent and arbitrary rule of the Nazi regime in a way that disturbs the peace of the people.” The Nazis said, order.

Other German cities, including Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne, tried to cancel Waters’ concerts after Jewish groups, including the Central Council of Jews, accused him of anti-Semitism. Waters is a member of the Boycott, Isolation and Sanctions Movement, which criticizes Israel for its occupation of Palestinian land and its treatment in Gaza and the West Bank. Waters denied being anti-Semitic and attempts to stop the concerts were unsuccessful. The deadline for the Germany tour on May 28 at the Festhalle in Frankfurt can still be found on Waters’ website.

Podcast host Joseph Attard on Twitter “openly portrays Bob Geldof’s famous portrayal of Pink from The Wall (1982), descending into a drugged fascist fantasy in a movie that CONFUSES fascism. Absurd,” podcast host Joseph Attard wrote on Twitter. .

Source: Today IT