Prosecutor’s office with a view to the southeast: siege of ‘Costeños de Cachetes’

Prosecutor’s office with a view to the southeast: siege of ‘Costeños de Cachetes’

A total of 16 persons belonging to the criminal organization ‘los Costeños’, employed by Carlos Alberto Ortiz Blanco, alias ‘Cachetes’, a man still deprived of his liberty, have been arrested following operations carried out by the CTI of the Public Ministry Bureau linked to the Sectional Atlantic and the Sijín en Gaula of the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla.

‘Cachetes’ shares the management of the criminal structure with Jorge Eliécer Díaz Collazos, aka Castor, who affects merchants from the San Roque, Simón Bolívar, San José, Chiquinquirá and Montes sectors through the crime of extortion and murder, in the southeastern city of Barranquilla .

“With extortion calls to formal and informal merchants, they would demand the payment of large sums of money so as not to endanger their business and their lives. As part of the harassment, they left pamphlets in the establishments,” the investigative body said.

It should be remembered that in this area where the operations were carried out to carry out the arrests of the subjects, several business closures have been recorded since the previous year, but serious acts of blood have also been committed in which three people died.

Last March, criminals on motorcycles fired on a La Cívica store, located at Calle 43 with Carrera 32, in Chiquinquirá. The criminal act caused the deaths of Alexi Mateo Sandoval Chaín, aged 19, and Eduar Leandro Chavarría Ossa, 41, a merchant from Bello, Antioquia. Both were drinking beer in the business when the criminals broke in, who, according to police sources, had demanded extortion money from the owners.

In late April, on 18th Street at 10B-07 Carrera, Sector Simón Bolívar, Alberto Blanco Maldonado, 58, a merchant who had resisted the payment of extortion and tried to denounce the case in return was killed. Gaula.

“They Got Orders”
According to the investigation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, since 2019 the criminal structure would receive orders from Carlos Alberto Ortiz Blanco, alias ‘Cachetes’, the designated leader of this organization and who has been deprived of his liberty for murder, extortion crimes, among others.

A total of 12 searches and searches were conducted in the neighborhoods of San Roque, San José and Chiquinquirá, according to the investigative body, which detained Alirio Junior Uribe Daza, aka Junior, leader; Melqui Antonio Ortega Castro, financial manager; Mónica Yobana Amador Carrascal, Eddie Santiago Carrascal Pacheco, Carlos Siciliano Ramos, Marlys Miranda Muñoz, chief financial officer; Juan Davis Versales, Carlos Mauro Alvarez Galindo; Mayra Alejandra Marrufo, Jaime Javier Rodríguez Contreras, Brayan Stif Jiménez Saltarín, Juan Sebastián Zurita Oviedo, Jilberth José Pirona Marrufo, Miguel Enrique Coronado Tobón, Jhon Camilo De La Hoz Miranda, Jean Pierre De La Hoz Ferrer and Cristian Jair Viloria Pacheco.

The prosecution charged them with being responsible for crimes of racketeering, conspiracy to commit a felony and attempted murder, in accordance with their individual responsibilities. None accepted the charge.

“The strength of the evidence, compiled by a specialist prosecutor from the Atlantic section, enabled a judge with a control function to send 11 of the prisoners to prison,” the authority said.

Meanwhile, he hit Uribe Daza, Amador Carrascal, Miranda Muñoz and Pirona Marrufo with a house arrest order, and Ortega Castro protected him with a non-custodial arrest order, court decisions that were appealed by the prosecution.

Source: El heraldo