China, CIA chief’s secret mission: Big maneuvers between 007

Major maneuvers between Washington and Beijing in the context of the war in Ukraine. CIA Director Bill Burns flew to China in May for a series of meetings. A secret visit that must be read in the context of Joe Biden’s concerns about the deteriorating relationship between the White House and Xi Jinping. The scoop is released by the Financial Times, while the respective governments have declined to officially comment on the news.

Bill Burns is one of the most influential and listened to advisers in Washington. The head of US intelligence was sent in to try to defuse tensions in US-China relations. According to sources at the US newspaper, Burns would have met with senior Chinese officials from 007. A US official confirmed to the Financial Times: “Last month, Director Burns traveled to Beijing, where he met with Chinese colleagues and emphasized the importance to keep the lines of communication open in intelligence channels.” Burns’ mission came in the same month that US national security adviser Jake Sullivan met Wang Yi, China’s top foreign policy official, in Vienna, signaling that something is moving on the axis between Washington and Beijing. .

Source: IL Tempo