Singapore, world summit 007. Who was sitting at the same table: big moves

A high-level international intelligence summit was held in Singapore, Asia. Officials from agencies around the world secretly gathered in Singapore, the island city-state south of Malaysia, on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Security Dialogue. These meetings, organized by the local government, are held in a secret location and have been held for several years, but have never been publicized in the past. Citing five informed sources, Reuters revealed today.

The news is likely to generate some noise, also due to the delicate dossiers at the international security desk. Not just the war in Ukraine and Western relations with Russia, but also, for example, China’s designs on Taiwan. The United States was represented by the director of national intelligence Avril Haines, and Beijing was also present with its emissaries. We recall that the director of the CIA, William Burns, flew to China a few weeks ago to try to mend the relationship with the Dragon. Samant Goel, head of India’s foreign intelligence agency, also attended, an Indian source said.

“The meeting is an important element in the parallel international agenda,” said a person with knowledge of the discussions. “Given the range of countries involved, it is a way to promote a deeper understanding of intentions and red lines”, explain the sources, “there is an unspoken code between the intelligence services that can speak, when formal and open diplomacy is more difficult: it is a very important factor in moments of tension and the event in Singapore helps to promote it”. All five sources requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter. A Singapore Ministry of Defense spokesman said that by participating in the Shangri-La Dialogue, “participants, including senior intelligence agency officials, are also taking the opportunity to meet with their colleagues.”

On the Ukrainian conflict front, it is underlined that intelligence chiefs held an informal meeting on Thursday night. No Russian representative was present, said one of the sources cited by Reuters. Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Volodymr V. Havrylov, who was present at the Shangri-La Dialogue, said he did not attend the intelligence meeting. Another of the sources said the tone of the meeting was collaborative and cooperative rather than confrontational. There are no details on the subject of the talks, but Russia’s war in Ukraine is just one of the items on the agenda. Among the topics discussed is that of transnational crime, which requires a coordinated response from the secret service and security agencies of different countries.

Source: IL Tempo