Pope Francis, shadows in the mission of peace. “I know Putin…”

Pope Francis, shadows in the mission of peace.  “I know Putin…”

Vladimir Putin “does not want to meet Cardinal Zuppi or Pope Francis”. The Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy See, Andrii Yurash, explains why the Vatican peace mission, which was successful in Kiev, does not find the same reception in Moscow. Guest of ‘Start’ on Sky Tg24, the ambassador affirms that “ours are different approaches”, continued the diplomat, assuring that “Ukraine wants to participate in the initiatives of the Holy See for peace”, but also encouraging the Pontiff “to be as as close as possible to the vision” of Kiev. Yurash, who said he sincerely appreciates the Holy See’s peace effort, looks forward to seeing “Cardinal Zuppi again in Kiev, perhaps after his visit to other European capitals. We are ready to continue negotiations with him or any other official.”

The pope’s envoy flew to Ukraine on a fact-finding mission, and the Vatican has leaked that a similar trip to Russia is being planned. Cardinal Matteo Zuppi visited Bucha and had several face-to-face meetings with representatives of local institutions. The Holy See underlined that the results of the conversations held by the President of the CIS with the various civil and religious representatives “as well as the direct experience of the atrocious suffering of the Ukrainian people due to the ongoing war, will be brought to the attention of the Holy Father” and will, undoubtedly “useful for evaluating the steps to follow, both on a humanitarian level and in the search for paths to a just and lasting peace”.

“It seems important to me that Cardinal Zuppi has gone to Kiev and can also come here to Moscow, when he goes. Very important. It was not at all obvious,” says Paolo Pezzi, 62, archbishop of Moscow, in an interview with Corriere della Sera. ” “Certainly now, with these actions being repeated on both sides, any possible dialogue seems difficult, everything seems to be getting worse. But I learned to look positively at even the smallest signs of hope “, note. A path could be opened, in short, and the visit of the Pope’s emissary to Russia would be fundamental: “That a proposal could also be heard from Moscow seems to me very important.” On the hypothesis that Zuppi could meet with Putin, the archbishop concludes: “The Kremlin spokesman said it was not foreseen, but whether that means it will not happen, I don’t know”.

Source: IL Tempo