He lived for two years in a luxury hotel without paying: 65 thousand euro fraud

He lived in a five-star hotel room for about two years, and when he checked out, he didn’t even pay the bill, leaving behind a debt of around 65,000 euros. The victim of this incredible scam is the luxurious Roseate House located near Indira Gandhi International Airport in the Aerocity Hospitality District in Delhi, India. A man disappeared after booking his room, staying there for 603 days.

Indian police are investigating to track down the suspected scammer, identified as Ankush Dutta, according to local media reports. The man booked a room at the hotel on May 30, 2019, saying he would leave the next day. Instead, his stay was extended by 603 days until January 22, 2021, leaving him without paying a bill of about $70,000, which equated to 64,400 euros. The hotel management immediately filed a criminal complaint with the police, including some employees of the resort, who were accused of cheating on the property. In fact, according to hotel managers, some members of staff may be corrupt to manipulate computer systems to hide dues and pending payments.

According to the Indian media, Dutta had a trusted accomplice at the hotel, an employee named Prem Prakash, who played a vital role in allowing the scammer to extend his stay by almost two years, without anyone suspecting anything or noticing unpaid bills. Prakash played an important role and had access to the hotel database, which included all customer data as well as data on room rates, additional services provided to guests, and outstanding payments.

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Source: Today IT