Alvaro Arvizu case, universities, communities and environmentalists under fire

Dr. Roberto Constantino Toto*

A vital environmental university project comes under vicious attack in Tlalmanalco. Sustainability Center Incalli Ixcahuicop (Centli) of the Sustainability Research Program of the Capital Autonomous University (UAM), which conducts state-of-the-art research as well as participatory planning and immediate action on water, agroecology. , solid waste prevention and management, animal husbandry experience, solidarity economy, forest and biodiversity management, rooted in the municipality of Tlalmanalco, state of Mexico for 33 years, has two offices, one agroecological, in San Juan Azzakualoyan and another forestry and biodiversity project in ANP El Faro in San Rafael. Ecologist Alvaro Arvizu Aguiniga, a resident of Tlalmanalco, was an integral part of this Center in the Istaxihuatl region and gave his life for it.

Centli has spent 33 years engaging in community outreach that has resulted in exemplary proposals, projects and immediate action on the aforementioned issues. His actions prevented the promotion of extractive interests of all kinds.

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The UAM center was the target of a planned attack that began on Friday, June 9, with power and internet outages. The criminal operation did not take place over the weekend due to a meeting with hundreds of participants.

However, after dark on June 12, 2023, the Center was attacked by unidentified individuals who, after turning off the electricity and the Internet, broke into the premises of the Cently Center and attacked its directors, Rebeca López Reyes and Carlos Vargas Cabrera. avoided a potentially fatal blow, although he received a double fracture while protecting himself with his arm.

Immediately afterwards, they went looking for Alvaro Arvizu Aguiñiga, held him and tortured him for twenty minutes until they sent him to “visit San Pedro,” as the man in charge of the operation boasted.

Despite his strength, the wounds ended Alvaro Arviz’s life on June 19, 2023.

This is the second killing of an environmentalist in Tlalmanalco, in the heart of the Istaxihuatl and Popocatepetl volcano region, since the agroecology and beekeeping researcher Cuauhtémoc Marques Fernández was killed on June 12, 2023.

The UAM condemned the attack on its facilities and the aggravated murder to the Attorney General of the Republic, demanding that the authorities clarify the facts and arrest those responsible. They didn’t.

The criminal operation against the UAM facilities, which began on Friday, June 9, with a blackout of electricity and internet in the Center and was suspended due to a large-scale event involving 300 people over the weekend, was martyred with an ax by Alvaro Arvizu on June 13. , continued with the erasure intervention on Thursday the 15th and the storage of an organ (heart) abandoned near the Chantley Nursery on July 22.

Needing to shed light on this campaign of terror against community and university environmentalists, we reiterate the UAM and ANUIES demand that the Attorney General of the Republic assume his role to administer justice now.

*Coordinator of RedAGUA UAM.

Source: Aristegui Noticias