While protecting a girl from robbery, they cut her hand off with a machete

He had tried to defend a girl who was being robbed, and for this they had almost cut off her hand by hitting her with a machete. A 32-year-old man was seriously injured when he was attacked outside a nightclub in Granada, Spain. According to the newspaper Ideal, according to health sources, the victim came to the hospital and his hand was “hanging”. At this point, the injured man was taken to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, as the deep cut required a complex surgical operation to prevent him from losing his limb.

The incident occurred after the young man intervened in the robbery against a girl at the exit of the club at around 6.30 am. While trying to fend off the attack, the young man took a sharp blow to his hand with what he initially thought was a stick or other blunt object. A few seconds later, the 32-year-old realized he had been struck by a machete, passers-by applied an emergency tourniquet to prevent him from bleeding to death, and escorted him to the nearest hospital before he was finally hospitalized in Seville. The young man is still under observation in the hope that the hand will return to its former function. It is unknown if anyone has been arrested at this time.

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Source: Today IT