Woman enraged and caused destruction at Mexico airport

Recently, a woman went viral on social networks after she reacted aggressively and attacked several computers in the Mexico City International Airport. The incident took place on July 4.

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It became known that the 56-year-old citizen was standing at a counter in the airline Volaris claimed the return of a flight and the company’s employees rejected the request. After this, the woman became furious and started throwing the company’s electronic devices on the ground. Witnesses, who did not believe what happened, filmed the scene that went viral on social networks.

The secretary of civil security of the capital of Mexico reported that the 56-year-old woman was detained by airport auxiliary police and then handed over to the prosecution of the Mexico City prosecutor’s office.

On the other hand, Mexico City International Airport ruled on what happened, describing the behavior as “unacceptable”.

However, in the recording that circulated on the networks, it was not clear what might have been the reason for the woman’s attitude, who also insulted an airline employee and pointed out that she had to pay for the damaged items.

In the networks, they baptized the woman as “Lady Aeropuerto” and, apparently, everything happened because the Volaris employee told her that the reservation she made through a travel agency did not appear in the system. At that point they told the passenger to clear it up with the intermediary company, so things got out of hand.

It was learned that the airline had filed charges against the woman for destroying and disturbing the peace at the Terminal 1 counters.

Source: El heraldo