Rifirrafe between Nicolás Maduro and Henrique Capriles on Twitter

Rifirrafe between Nicolás Maduro and Henrique Capriles on Twitter

“Ghost, I told you and Ghost, you stayed, but instead of frightening, you make you laugh. The people know you: you supported the guarimbas (protests), to guaidosismo (referring to the anti-Chavista and former parliament speaker Juan Guaido) and the sanctions,” Maduro wrote on the social network, in response to a post by Capriles.

The head of state assured that the also ex-governor of the state Miranda intends to “encourage economic war again”, which the so-called Bolivarian revolution, he added, will not allow.

In the message to which the president responded, Capriles said that the “only spirit” known to “Venezuelans are the promises” that -he assured- “never” complied with the Chavista administrationwhich he described as “the worst in history”.

“And on top of that, you want to stop burying democracy. Recognize that you have failed and you will continue to fail. There is no way (of) you to restore the economy and well-being of the family,” the opponent said, who in turn responded to some recent statements by Maduro, who assured that the candidates for the primaries are seeking a “war” and the “economic destruction” of the country.

“They are not going to campaign, that far-right that is being called to run what they want is war and the economic destruction of Venezuela“, the president said on his weekly television program on Monday.

Source: El heraldo