With the new Russian general, there will be more war crimes: the US

“In particular, this general has a history of violence against civilians in other environments, in Syria, and we can expect more of the same in this environment,” Sullivan said in an interview with CNN television.

Dvornikov “will be yet another perpetrator of crimes and atrocities against Ukrainian civilians,” he added.

The current head of the Southern Military District, which is the annexed Ukrainian peninsula Crimeaand according to US and Western sources, in 2015 the commander of the Russian contingent in Syria was in charge of the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

Dvornikov, according to experts, has until May 9 the Day of the Victory of the USSR over the Germany Nazi, to take Donbas, in eastern Ukraine and that is the main objective of the Russian offensive in its present phase.

In another interview with the CBS News network, the host asked Sullivan whether Dvórnikov’s arrival implies that he will do the same as he did in Syria and employ a “scorched earth tactic” consisting of indiscriminately destroying anything useful. can be for the enemy. a war

“We have already seen scorched earth military tactics (in Ukraine), we have seen atrocities and war crimes and mass executions and horrific and shocking images of places like buchaand the missile attack on Kramatorsk (train station),’ said Sullivan.

“So I think this is a sign that we’re going to see more of that,” he added.

Source: El heraldo