Book about the church withdrawn from sale. This is what the censors didn’t like

Amazon pulled the book from sale after an organization called the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism deemed it “anti-Semitic” and “racist.”

Amazon has been urged by an organization called the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) to remove the product from sale immediately.

Book censorship

The book was targeted for its subject matter of Jewish conspiracy against the Catholic Church. A book called The Plot Against the Church dates back to 1962. It was written by a group of Mexican priests and published under the pseudonym Maurice Pinay. There were four editions of the article on Amazon’s listing. Two were sold directly through Amazon.

The book is said to contain “an impressive collection of documents and sources of undeniable importance” dealing with a conspiracy against the Catholic Church. In the description of the book we read that “Jews, Freemasons and Communists” use the Catholic Church to further the goals of “atheistic communism”.

The work also says that Catholic clergy “betray the Holy Church” and “aid communists, Freemasons and Jews in their subversive activities.”

“Unashamedly Racist Material”

Meanwhile, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) called on Amazon to remove the product from sale immediately.

Justifying the request for censorship, a spokesperson for the organization said that “selling a product whose sale contains references to the ‘subversive activities’ of Jews is abhorrent and has no place on Amazon.”

“The retailer must remove this blatantly racist material from its platform. We will write to the company,” he said on Tuesday.

The whole commotion was caused by a television broadcast when a chapter from the book was used by the Spanish public broadcaster RTVE in a 2015 program. The broadcaster called it “From Hell – The Jewish People: Propagator of the Satanic Cult”. However, he later removed the show after critics said it contained “more than half an hour of unadulterated anti-Jewish conspiracy theories”.

Amazon succumbs

An Amazon spokesperson agreed with the censorship. “We always listen to feedback and take these concerns very seriously. The highlighted title has been removed from sale,” he said.

“We have policies governing which books can be listed, and we invest significant time and resources to ensure our guidelines are followed. We remove products that do not meet our guidelines and promptly investigate each book when a concern is raised,” he added. .

Source: Do Rzeczy