NATO summit. Biden: We will help Ukraine build a strong defense

At the end of the NATO summit in Vilnius, US President Joe Biden announced the G7 group’s statement on long-term support for Ukraine.

“All allies agreed that Ukraine’s future lies in NATO,” Joe Biden said in Vilnius.

Biden: We will help Ukraine

The US president said Kiev is making progress in implementing reforms demanded by the West in his country, but countries helping Ukraine will not wait for the end of the process to make long-term commitments to Ukraine’s security, he said.

We will help Ukraine build strong land, air and sea defenses that will ensure stability in the region and deter any threats. Biden stated.

Duda on NATO decisions

A press conference by Andrzej Duda was held on the second day of the NATO summit in Vilnius. Poland’s president told the audience that several clear decisions had been made at the summit that was coming to an end. Among other things, he said that the issue of any location, movement of the alliance’s troops on the territory of the alliance countries is an absolutely sovereign decision of the alliance countries. He also pointed out that Russia in no way ceases to be a NATO partner.

Duda also spoke about the number of NATO soldiers for a possible immediate defense of Poland. “The intention is to immediately increase the presence of the response force to 300,000. I can tell you that it is estimated that if there was an attack on the aforementioned Brzeska port, we could count on our territory about 100,000 NATO troopswould be referred to immediate defense, he stressed.

Zelensky: Security guarantees of the G7

The G7 countries have agreed on a common framework to provide Ukraine with long-term security guarantees “turning it into a military fortress to repel Russian aggression” – reported the British newspaper “Financial Times”.

Ukraine received security guarantees from the G7 group – said the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the press conference concluding the NATO summit.

“We understand that some people may be afraid to talk about our membership now, because no one wants a world war,” the Ukrainian president stressed. We are civilized and reasonable people. Ukraine is fighting and we really understand that Ukraine cannot be a member of NATO as long as there is war on our country,” Zelensky said.

A simplified path to Alliance

Recall that on Tuesday, the first day of the NATO summit, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg assured a press conference that Ukraine would join NATO. “The Allies have agreed on a package of measures to allow Ukraine to join NATO,” said the head of the pact. Stoltenberg indicated that he would stay especially for Ukraine simplified entry path from two-stage to single-stage.

Source: Do Rzeczy