Ukrainian drones deployed against Russia: “Effective, but not a panacea”

Ukrainian drones deployed against Russia: “Effective, but not a panacea”

“Yep independent thinking personAs a weapon, drones destined for Ukraine could play a role in slowing down Russian convoys and supply lines. It’s one of the few tools they still have for that,” says Osinga. “But it can be very effective. If you take out a few vehicles, the progress of such a convoy will stop.”

According to the expert, the disadvantage of Bayraktar TB2s is that they are relatively slow, fly at a speed of 130 to 220 kilometers per hour and are therefore vulnerable. “A few have already been shot out of the sky.”

Defense expert Ko Colijn of the Clingendael Institute emphasizes that drones are not a panacea. “They only make a difference if the Russians don’t have air superiority, and they probably do.”

morale boost

Nevertheless, according to experts, the smart tactical weapon has more than symbolic value. For example, TB2s played a decisive role in the wars between Armenia and Azerbaijan in 2020. Colijn knows that Russia also has drones, but has not yet deployed them in Ukraine.

In addition to the role of drones on the battlefield, something else is at stake: Social media videos of Russian tank explosions are boosting Ukraine’s morale. Osinga: “They are also a weapon in the information war that Ukraine is very good at.”

Source: NOS