The Confederation presented a proposal for a Polish-Ukrainian agreement

The Confederation demands the exhumation of the victims of the Ukrainian genocide in Volhynia. In this context, she proposed a draft Polish-Ukrainian treaty.

On Monday, the Confederation presented a draft for a Polish-Ukrainian treaty at a conference in front of the presidential palace. He does not expect an apology from the Ukrainian side, only recognition of the historical truth and agreement with the excavations.

Victims of Genocide, not “Volhynia”

The concept of the Confederation was discussed by MP Krzysztof Bosak. “Tomorrow marks the 80th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. Many expected a breakthrough – there is no breakthrough. On the other hand, we have a spectacular policy fiasco of the Polish state (…) a policy of aid to Ukraine reaching tens of billions of zlotys and a policy that not only does not lead to any progress in search, exhumation, burial and commemoration of the Polish victims of the Volhynian massacre, this whole genocide, but a policy that results in humiliation President Andrzej Duda, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and President Jarosław Kaczyński – said Bosak.

– What we saw yesterday was the entry of President Andrzej Duda into the language of Ukrainian historical politics – Bosak emphasized, referring to the “innocent victims of Volhynia”. – Where there are no more perpetrators, there is no longer any nationality of the victims, where there are some “victims of Volhynia” – he added.

Confederation proposal

Bosak reported that the Confederacy posted on its website and in social media draft treaty between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of Ukraine on the exhumation and commemoration of citizens of the Second Polish Republic who were victims of genocide.

The draft contract is 11 pages long and includes, among other things: indicate consent conducting searches and excavations, permission to identify the victims afterwards, permission to build a cemetery and mausoleum for the victims.

– This postulate has no consequences for the ongoing war – stressed Bosak.

– We just want the Institute of National Remembrance to be able to establish a special new department or departments that will have their representation and, above all, the right to work in Ukraine, subject to observation of relevant factors from the Ukrainian side. This is what happens in such situations. We consider it a civilized form of international cooperation and also a form of international agreement – it is a project, of course, a project to be negotiated, but you have to start somewhere. The PiS government has “beaten” eight years of its power and a year of war, the Confederation Leaders Council co-chair said.

Source: Do Rzeczy