UN removes 660,000 refugees from Russian invasion of Ukraine

UN removes 660,000 refugees from Russian invasion of Ukraine

Refugees wait long hours, up to 60 hours, to enter some countries, a UN spokesman said. unhcr Shabia Mantoo is at a press conference and their migration is made more difficult by low temperatures and transport problems that require them to walk long distances.

Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova are all neighboring countries. UkraineFor the time being, these are the main destinations of the refugee flow.

International Organization, on its behalf immigrants (IOM) welcomed the decision of several governments to support the Ukrainian diaspora through visa extensions.

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In this sense, the EU’s discussion on guaranteeing temporary protection status to Ukrainian refugees, permits to live and work in one of the 27 Member States for up to three years, was celebrated.

IOM is also trying to help the 470,000 foreigners living in Ukraine, many of whom are trapped in the country due to conflict, including students and migrant workers.

Several countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia have asked IOM for help to care for these migrants, as well as the estimated 6,000 people who have reached neighboring Moldova and Slovakia.

Source: Ulti Mahora