“If we don’t stop Putin, it will come to Warsaw”

Putin is literally creating an existential threat to our country with his own hands, emphasizes Russian oppositionist Ilya Yashin. The politician also warns the Baltic States and Poland about Moscow’s actions.

Ilja Yaszyn about a Russian politician and oppositionist who was sentenced to 8.5 years in prison in 2022 for spreading information about crimes committed by Russian soldiers during the war in Ukraine.

In an interview with the French daily Le Figaro, the oppositionist warns the Baltic States and Poland about Moscow’s actions and criticizes the Kremlin for harming Russia. – If we don’t stop Putin, it will reach the Baltic states and Warsaw – explains Yashin.

The Kremlin’s critic also points out in an interview that “Putin’s aggressive policies and the war he unleashed are largely the result of years of appeasement of the Russian dictatorship by Western leaders.”

“As soon as he arrived in the Kremlin, Putin established a regime of personal power, imprisoning and murdering his critics, destroying democratic institutions, closing television stations and newspapers that he did not like. But the West disapproved of this, because cooperation with Mosk was economically beneficial, Jaszyn emphasizes.

Failed coup by Prigozhin. Yashin: Putin publicly showed weakness

When asked about the failed coup in Russia carried out in late June by the founder of the Wagner group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the oppositionist pointed out that the coup showed the weakness of Putin’s position. – First of all, the weakness and unreliability of the Russian system in terms of army and service management. Putin has consciously renounced the state monopoly on violence and handed over some power to private armies, Yashin emphasises.

– This system is based solely on the personal loyalty of all these “siloviki” to Putin. As soon as this loyalty weakened, the system burst at the seams – adds the politician.

“Putin has publicly shown weakness by making harsh statements about Prigozhin that have not been followed by such decisive action. Wagner’s fighters marched towards Moscow. But in the end, Prigozhin was not held responsible, the oppositionist explains.

Source: Do Rzeczy