Putin at BRICS summit: “South Africa must arrest him”: what he risks

Is Vladimir Putin in danger of ending up in handcuffs? A possible arrest in South Africa of the Russian president by order of the International Criminal Court (ICC) would amount to a declaration of war on Russia, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said in some documents sent to the High Court of South Africa in Gauteng province. . “It would be a reckless, unconstitutional and illegal exercise of powers vested in the government to declare war on Russia by imprisoning President Putin,” Ramaphosa said, quoted by local newspaper News 24. President of South Africa – I have a constitutional obligation to protect the national sovereignty, peace and security of the Republic and to respect, protect, promote and fulfill the rights of the people of the Republic to life and security”.

South Africa is a member of the ICC, the International Criminal Court in The Hague that issued an arrest warrant against Putin for war crimes, and therefore the czar must be arrested as soon as he steps onto African soil to attend the BRICS summit Emerging countries . But apparently that’s not going to happen. Putin was invited to the summit scheduled for the 22nd and 24th of August in Johannesburg, from (South Africa, Brazil, China, India and Russia. Pretoria refused to condemn Russia in the beginning of the war in Ukraine and the African country now Putin’s case is political with the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA), which asks the government to arrest the Russian leader.

Source: IL Tempo