Arms company employee arrested. China: Cooperated with the CIA

The Chinese Ministry of State Security announced the arrest of an employee of a weapons company on Friday. The 52-year-old is said to be working with the CIA.

A 52-year-old arms factory worker named Zeng was arrested on suspicion of passing “key information” to the Americans. The recruitment of the Chinese would take place in Italy.

“Succumbed to Western Values”

“Seth, an official from the US Embassy in Italy, took the initiative to meet Zeng,” the State Security Ministry said in its statement. The American developed a relationship with Zeng through “activities such as dinners, outings and opera performances”. Over time, Zeng “submitted himself to Western values” promoted by Seth. The official identified himself as a member of the Central Intelligence Agency and promised Zeng a substantial financial reward in exchange for his cooperation and assistance in bringing his family to the US.

After returning to the country, Zeng met with CIA personnel on numerous occasions, providing “a significant amount of critical information to China and receiving compensation for espionage”. He is currently under arrest and under investigation.

The spy rivalry between China and the US

The South China Morning Post notes that what is new is the announcement that the detainee was collaborating with the CIA. Until now, the ministry used the terms “foreign agent” and “certain countries”. The change in rhetoric may be related to the tense situation between Beijing and Washington.

The MBP statement came less than a month after CIA Director William Burns said the agency was making progress rebuilding its intelligence network in China. According to a 2017 New York Times report, the U.S. spy network suffered heavy losses between 2010 and 2012. Many employees were killed or missing.

Tensions and anti-espionage rhetoric have recently increased between the two countries. Both the PRC and the US have intensified their intelligence and counterintelligence activities in recent years. On August 3, the United States arrested two U.S. Navy sailors on charges of spying for China.

Source: Do Rzeczy