Influencer ‘elgastroo’ robbed in Paraíso neighborhood

In a video captured by a security camera, the robbery of the Barranquilla influencer Alejandro Cianci Bonet, known on social networks as ‘elgastroo’, is recorded.

Everything happened on Calle 80 with Carrera 71, a sector of the Paraíso neighborhood, in the north of the capital of Atlántico, when Cianci Bonet tried to enter a house and the footage shows when he is approached by a subject who is a cap, mask and a firearm.

The victim gives his belongings to the stranger and then escapes from the place as shown in the footage.

Elgastroo, the name Cianci Bonet uses in networks, is dedicated to creating content about the gastronomic variety offered in Barranquilla, especially in the north of the city.

Source: El heraldo