Shootout between Kadyrovtsy and Russians in an occupied city

In Mariupol, Ukraine, there is said to be a firefight between the Kadyrovites and the Russians. “Kadyrovts are attacking Russians,” wrote an official loyal to Kiev.

In the occupied territory of Ukraine, a scuffle took place on Saturday night between Russian soldiers and the Kadyrovites.

Shooting between the Kadyrovtsy and the Russians

Petro Andryushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol who is loyal to Kiev, provided the information on social media. According to his account, in the occupied city, at the intersection of Shevchenko Boulevard and Metalurhiv Avenue, there was a firefight between the Kadyrovites and the Russians. About 20 military cars would appear on the scene.

The shooting would last until about 10 p.m., more or less then the warring parties would come to an agreement. Meanwhile, two ambulances arrived at the scene and transported the injured to hospital.

“Hell is empty. Hell is here,” noted Andryushchenko.

Not the first time

This is not the first such situation. According to the Ukrainian side, at the beginning of the week there was a gunfight between Kadyrovtsy and Dagestanis. According to this information, 20 soldiers of the Russian army were killed and 40 wounded.

A serious incident occurred in September 2022, when the Kadyrovites fired on the Wagnerites in the center of Kherson, which was then occupied.

Voices appeared on Telegram at the time that there might be propaganda activities or that the Russians were “dueling each other in the streets of a Ukrainian city”.

It was not clear from the published recordings who started the brawl. The most popular footage showed heavy machine gun fire from the BRDM-3 armored scout car and the BTR-80 armored personnel carrier.

Source: Do Rzeczy