The police are targeting 513 operations to restore the security of the country

The police are targeting 513 operations to restore the security of the country

A total of 513 major operations announced by the National Police that will be carried out until the end of 2023, within the framework of the launch of the ‘Security 360’ shock plan, which aims to restore security throughout the national territory.

This was stated by General Carlos Humberto Rojas Pabón, Director of Civil Security of the Police, at the meeting in the capital of the country where the Minister of Defense, Iván Velásquez, and the Director of Police, General William René, intervened. Salamanca Ramírez, as well as the president of the Colombian Association of Capitals, Asocapitales, Alejandro Fúneme; and the President of the Colombian Association of Intermediate Cities, Asointermedias, Miguel Ángel Moreno.

The director of the police unit explained that this new plan looks at the problems of each of the regions and then intervenes in a targeted way.

In this sense, the senior official specified that there will be 363 operations against theft of people, housing, vehicles and trade; 51 counter-extortion operations; 14 against kidnapping and 85 against murder.

In turn, Defense Minister Iván Velásquez explained that this ‘Security 360’ plan aims to “prevent and control crimes of theft, in various modalities, and the crime of murder”.

He recalled that this strategy is a response by the Ministry of Defense and the National Police to the requests made days ago during a meeting with the presidents of Asocapitales and Asointermedias.

On the other hand, the director of police reiterated that the aim of this plan is “to strengthen the offensive with all the capabilities of the armed institution to contain crime”.

He added that the aim is to influence the crimes that most affect the daily lives of Colombians, such as robbery in its various forms, extortion, kidnapping and murder, as announced by Minister Velásquez.

He also indicated that this plan is framed within the four institutional horizons: National Civil Security, Civil Security, Criminal Investigation, Intelligence and Counterintelligence, plus inter-institutional and international cooperation, considered in the National Police’s Integrated Security Strategy, which is fully aligned with the Civil Security -, Defense and Coexistence Policy ‘Guarantee for Life and Peace’ and the National Development Plan of the National Government.

Source: El heraldo