In Onda, former commander of Wagner: “Prigozhin? It wasn’t Putin who wanted him dead.”

The death of Yevgeny Prigozhin is shrouded in mystery, if it is the death of the head of the Wagner group who would have crashed along with his deputy and eight other people after the explosion of a plane in Russia. It is widely believed among observers and analysts, as well as on the part of Ukraine, that Vladimir Putin is late following the sensational May mercenary uprising, averted by a deal outside Moscow. However, not everyone thinks so. On the Thursday, August 24 episode of In Onda on La7, someone who knew Prigozhin well spoke, former Wagner commander Marat Gabidullin, who left the militia after fighting in Syria against Isis and in the Donbass .

Was it Putin who eliminated Wagner’s boss? Gabidullin’s answer is surprising: “Prigozhin was a person without whom Putin could not go on and his death is not good for Putin, now (in Russia, ed.) they will have big problems and will not know who should be in charge of what African project”. In short, the Prigozhin-Putin tandem is failing and this “will negatively affect Wagner’s efficiency”, says Gabidullin, who summarizes the reasoning: “Putin did not organize this death”.

The thesis makes maestros Marianna Aprile and Luca Telese jump out of their chairs and ask who it could have been. “Prigozhin could have had many enemies, for example I think that many commercial structures wanted his death, corporations that Prigozhin left without being able to take anything in African countries, such as the Central African Republic” where Russia and Wagner have huge interests . This one from the former commander of the mercenaries is not the only “turnaround”, as Telese underlined in the interview. Gabidullin is also asked whether it was imprudent for Prigozhin to board the same plane with his deputy and other high-ranking members of Wagner. “It’s very strange”, comments the ex-soldier who collected his memories in a book, admitting that Wagner’s security protocol would not have been respected.

Source: IL Tempo