Who killed Prigozhin? Sensational Times Poll: What Russians Think

Observers, analysts, think tanks, politicians: with a few rare exceptions, it is commonly believed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is somehow behind the mysterious death of Yevgeny Prigozhin. But what do Russians think of the incident in which militia leader Wagner, protagonist of the sensational June revolt against military leaders, lost his life? Well, only 8% of Russians believe that Putin is responsible for the death of the founder of the Wagner Group. This was indicated by a survey conducted by the think tank “Open Minds Institute” for the Sunday Times on Sunday 27 August.

According to the poll, carried out in the hours following the crash of the plane carrying Prigozhin, 2% of Putin’s supporters believe that the president is behind the death of Wagner’s head, 28.4% believe that the crash was staged, while 28 .3% attribute this to technical problems with the plane or pilot error. The public opinion institute also states that 69% of Russians think that the crash of Prigozhin’s plane is the result of an escalation of the confrontation between the elites.

Since June, relations between Putin and Prigozhin have plummeted. Wagner’s boss considered himself “indestructible” and “immortal”, said former mercenary Meduza. After the attempted rebellion by the paramilitaries against Moscow last June, Prigozhin and other commanders of the Wagner were summoned to the Kremlin – recalls one of the sources heard by Meduza -, on which occasion Vladimir Putin “screamed at them for three hours. He shouted openly, but then he didn’t do anything to him. Perhaps Prigozhin thought, ‘He didn’t kill us right away, so he never will.'”

Source: IL Tempo