Why does Ukraine choose Pope Francis?

Bergoglio in the “landscapes” of Ukraine. Pope’s August 25 St. His speech, via video link, at the Youth Day of Russia in St. Petersburg sparked a backlash from Kiev, which accused the Pope of “imperialist propaganda”. The attack came via a Facebook post by Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Oleg Nikolenko: “It is really sad that the ideas of a great Russian power, which are actually the cause of chronic aggression, knowingly or unknowingly, are emerging. In our view, the Pope, whose mission is precisely to open the eyes of Russian youth to the destructive course of the current Russian leadership. With such imperialist propaganda, spiritual ties and the need to save, Almighty Mother Russia, the Kremlin justifies the murder of thousands of Ukrainians and the destruction of hundreds of Ukrainian towns and villages”.

Kiev accuses Pope of “imperialist propaganda”: response

The response of the Ukrainian apostolic priesthood was met with harsh words through the Vatican’s diplomatic channels: “The apostolic priesthood in Ukraine, after Pope Francis’ telematic contact with young Catholics of the Russian Federation, revealed that in the incident that took place on August 25, 2023, Controversy arose in the Ukrainian and international mass media over some of the words of the Roman Pope about this event. In particular, according to some interpretations, Pope Francis encouraged young Russian Catholics to take examples from some Russians. historical figures known for their actions. Since Pope Francis has never promoted imperialist ideas, this papal representation categorically rejects the above-mentioned interpretations. On the contrary, he is a staunch opponent and critic of imperialism or any form of colonialism, in all peoples and situations. His words should be interpreted in the same way. This Pontifical Representation categorically rejects the above-mentioned comments”.

Bergoglio on the occasion of the X. National Meeting of the Catholic youth of Russia on August 25, in St. Speaking to Russian children gathered in St. Petersburg, he confirmed: “Do not forget the legacy. You are the heirs of great Russia: great Russia. saints, kings, great Russia of Peter the Great, Catherine II, that great, cultured Russian empire , has so much culture, so much humanity. Never give up on this legacy. You are the heirs of the great Mother Russia, keep it up. And Thank you. Thank you for the way you are Russian, for the way you are Russian”. The offending sentence was to be removed from the official translation of the Pope published by the Vatican, but nevertheless, the leak of this passage led to Kiev’s accusations.

Russia shot down two UAVs, counterattack continues

Meanwhile, clashes continue on the field. During the night, the Russian army stopped Kiev’s attempt to attack Russian territory with two drones. Confirmation came from the Russian Ministry of Defense: “Unmanned aircraft were destroyed by air defense forces operating on the territory of the Tula region.” The Armed Forces of Ukraine have recently been trying to regularly attack the central part of Russia using drones. The Ministry of Defense reported that last night the active Air Defense Forces shot down two more Ukrainian drones in the skies over the Bryansk region.

According to the statement of the Chief of General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Andriy Kovalev, as quoted by Rbc-Ukraine, Ukrainian troops are making progress on the southern front and continue to carry out offensive operations in the Melitopol region. “Ukrainian units have achieved success in the Novodanilivka-Verbove area and are consolidating their position,” he said. Meanwhile, Russian troops try to attack the Donetsk region, but “unsuccessfully”.

The war in Ukraine: the death toll

As Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the south of the country continues, some US officials have recently estimated the number of casualties in the Ukrainian military: 70,000 dead and about 120,000 wounded. That’s a staggering figure, given that the armed forces only consist of half a million people. Ukraine, on the other hand, does not officially disclose the death toll in the war and describes it as a state secret. So far, the UN has recorded 9,177 civilian deaths. Estimates leaked by the Pentagon as of April put the Ukrainian death toll at a much lower figure of 17,500, CNN reported. The claim that it exceeded 70,000 can be partially explained by the counterattack in the south.

There are huge losses on the other side as well. Russia has lost 530 men in the last day, with casualties in its ranks since February 24, when Moscow attacked Ukraine, to 261,840. This was announced by the daily newsletter of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was recently published on Facebook, with figures that could not be independently verified. According to the report of the Ukrainian army, Russia’s losses to date will be 261,840 men, 4,414 tanks, 8,579 armored vehicles, 5,450 artillery systems, 733 multiple rocket launchers, 500 anti-aircraft defense systems. Russian forces also lost 315 aircraft, 316 helicopters, 7,909 automotive equipment, 18 naval units and 4,387 unmanned aerial vehicles, according to the bulletin, whose data were updated due to intense clashes.

Moreover, according to British intelligence, Moscow will have great difficulty recruiting mercenaries, given that the junior military personnel involved in the war against Ukraine now receive more than 200,000 rubles a month: “This is more than 2.7 times the average salary in Russia. , means 72,851 rubles. It is very likely that the additional salary and benefits will be a strong incentive to join the army, especially for people from the poorer regions of Russia. However, it is still unlikely that Russia will achieve its goals of attracting volunteers into the army’s ranks”.

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