Hurricane Idalia has made landfall in northwestern Florida, US.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reiterated his call on Wednesday morning to “stay safe, don’t put your life in danger,” listing the risks involved. idealia and the forces the state has prepared to respond to the emergency in areas such as health, human rescue, energy, connectivity and mobility.

Authorities have warned that the main danger is the rise of the sea, which can rise to more than 4.5 meters in some parts of the country’s northeastern coast. Florida.

On storm surge, DeSantis stressed, “it’s a big, big, very dangerous thing” to stay away from.

In addition to hurricane and storm surge warnings for the northwest FloridaThe NHC issued a hurricane warning this morning for the U.S. East Coast, from Altamaha Sound in Georgia to Edisto Beach in South Carolina.

There are also minor warnings for areas of North Carolina and Virginia.

Source: El heraldo