Prigozhin, check the video before you die: “It’s okay”

Check out a video filmed by Yevgeny Prigpzhin a few days before his death. A video in which Wagner’s head seems to have no idea of ​​his imminent end. The Telegram Gray Zone channel, considered linked to the Wagner group, in fact published a video message from Prigozhin that dates back to days before his death, after the crash of the plane on which he was traveling in Russia. Some Russian media report this. “For those who wonder if I’m alive or not or how I’m doing… This is the weekend, second half of August 2023, I’m in Africa,” says Prigozhin. “Whoever wants to discuss my elimination, my private life, my income or anything else – that’s fine”, concludes Prigozhin.

Hundreds of Russian Wagnerians have gathered in recent days at the Porokhovskoye cemetery in St. Petersburg to pay tribute to their leader, Prigozhin, who was buried in a private ceremony. People of all ages attended the cemetery, which since yesterday has been guarded by the National Guard in anticipation of possible accidents. According to the Fontanka website, the cemetery was opened for visitation two days ago. The Telegram Shot channel wrote that the wife and daughter of
Prigozhin was one of the first to visit the tomb. Local media reported a “many kilometers” traffic jam.

Source: IL Tempo