Ombudsman Activated Route of Care for Endangered Community Leaders in Soledad

The Regional Ombudsman, Atlántico Department, Miguel Linero De Cambil informed EL HERALDO that the entity is closely following the alleged threats from several community leaders in the municipality of Soledad.

The official explained that the entity is specifically aware of a harassment denounced by its leader Jhon Jairo Reyes.

“We are activating the route for Jhon, but we are asking all competent authorities to do due diligence to ensure the rights of the affected people,” Linero said in dialogue with this medium.

The 24-year-old leader indicated that two people came to his residence and gave him 24 hours to leave the Ferrocarril district. “If he didn’t, he would be declared a military target.”

The regional ombudsman also stressed that they are meeting with the authorities of Soledad Municipality, in particular in a Prevention Subcommittee, to discuss the matter and “make the appropriate follow-up”.

For its part, the Public Prosecution Service has indicated that for these reasons it has so far not had a complaint registration in some of its branches; however, delegates of the entity are also present at the Prevention Subcommittee meeting.

Source: El heraldo