Ustica, Elysium’s “no comment” arrives after Amato’s interview

“We have no comment to make on that.” Eliseo sources consulted by Adnkronos thus responded to the request to comment on what Giuliano Amato said in an interview with Repubblica, in which the former prime minister invited President Emmanuel Macron to apologize for French responsibility in the Ustica massacre. According to Amato’s words, Itavia’s DC9, which crashed near Ustica on June 27, 1980, would have been shot down by a French missile.

“The most credible version is that of the French Air Force, with the complicity of the Americans and those who participated in the air war in our skies on the night of that 27th of June”, declared the former prime minister during the interview. given daily. “They wanted to kill Gaddafi, flying in a Mig from his Air Force and the plan envisaged simulating a NATO exercise, with many planes in action, during which a missile should have been launched against the Libyan leader: the exercise was a staging that would make possible to pass off the attack as an unintentional accident,” he continued.

Amato’s statements provoked a reaction from Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who immediately commented, underlining how the former Prime Minister’s words deserve attention, but asking the jurist to provide “elements that allow us to return to the conclusions of the judiciary and Parliament”.

Source: IL Tempo