War, Zelensky: “Ukraine is gaining ground. We are on the move”

The Ukrainian counter-offensive continues despite “what they say” about it. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky writes about it in X. “Ukrainian forces are moving forward. Despite everything and whatever is said, we are making progress and that is the most important thing. We are on the move,” said the leader of Ukraine. Kiev, once again answering questions about the progress of the Ukrainian counterattack. offensive.

Meanwhile, a powerful explosion was heard throughout the city of Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhia region. The head of the city’s military administration, Victoria Galitsyna, wrote in Telegram, adding that the detonation, “citizens report, was heard in every corner of the city”. “The information is being clarified. We are waiting for good news from the General Staff of the Armed Forces. At the moment there are no details if it is a bombing or an air defense intervention”, added Galitsyna.

Moscow, for its part, announced that, on the last day, the Russian armed forces killed at least 115 soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces in the direction of Zaporozhzhia. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Russia. In addition to the dead soldiers, the report says, “two armored fighting vehicles, four vehicles, two M-777 artillery systems and a US-made M-119 cannon were destroyed, as well as two Msta-B and D-20 howitzers.” . “.

Source: IL Tempo