Hunt for a vaccine against Disease X, the post-Covid superpandemic virus

Under the auspices of the WHO, scientists around the world are working to find out what the new virus will be like, which could trigger a pandemic capable of bringing the entire globe to its knees. Although it doesn’t exist yet, they’ve called it Disease X. And they’re also trying to study a vaccine capable of defeating it. An ad hoc super-laboratory with this mission has already been set up in Great Britain. It will study both possible vaccines to fight it and viruses that are already known, but considered dangerous due to their epidemic potential.

The WHO committee, which includes virologists, bacteriologists and infectious disease specialists, has met several times. Experts fear that this disease can be developed by a biological mutation and spread very quickly after a laboratory accident or a terrorist attack. In practice, we want to prevent another Covid from happening again, even if in a more dangerous way and proportions.

Source: IL Tempo