Medical ethicists: beware of crowdfunding for treatments abroad

Crowdfunding can help patients raise money for medical care abroad, but the Center for Ethics and Health warns the company of dangers in a report. According to the center, there are significant risks associated with such surgery or treatment.

In medical crowdfunding, people collect money via online platforms for an operation or treatment abroad. If they have completed their treatment in the Netherlands, they would prefer not to receive reimbursement because the treatment has not been approved or because they are dissatisfied with the care. This can apply to diseases such as cancer or multiple sclerosis. However, the Center for Ethics and Health points out that there are a number of risks associated with the practice.

“Often the efficacy and efficacy are not proven”, says Hafez Ismaili M’hamdi, medical ethicist at Erasmus University. NOS Radio 1 News. “So it doesn’t do you much good, or worse, there may be treatments that do more harm than good.”

The center often finds that treatments abroad do not work. “If a cure is not reimbursed, it is not without reason.” In particular, Ismaili M’hamdi talks about treatments that have no scientific evidence and can be harmful to health.

Ending life with dignity

Another danger, according to Ismaili M’hamdi, is that patients are busy finding the right treatment until the end, when other things may be more important at the last stage. “If it doesn’t lead to successful treatment, it can be at the expense of a happy end of life.”

Medical crowdfunding is often the last resort. “The line between hope and false hope is complex. You want to ensure that people take action based on a very rosy picture.” Medical ethics advises people to seek advice from a doctor or specialist. The center wants online platforms to take responsibility for combating medical disinformation.

The Center also advises the government to set up follow-up actions. It may then be possible to include such treatment back in the care package.

Source: NOS