Russian drones exploded over Romania? Bucharest denies

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Nikolenko reported that Russian Shahed drones fell and exploded in Romania. Bucharest denies this.

“According to information from the State Border Service of Ukraine, during a massive Russian attack in the port area of ​​Izmail tonight, Russian Shahed drones fell and exploded on Romanian territory,” Oleh Nikolenko said on Facebook. A spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also published a photo of the explosion.

In the contribution, he added that this incident is “another confirmation that Russian missile terror poses a huge threat not only to the security of Ukraine, but also to the security of neighboring countries, including NATO member states,” he stressed.

The Ukrainian politician called on Western countries to “accelerate the delivery of additional modern missile and anti-aircraft systems, as well as combat aviation, which will strengthen the infrastructure protection of Ukraine and neighboring countries,” he noted.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs denies the reports

Romania strongly denies and rejects the allegations. It issued a statement immediately after the information was disclosed by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. Romania’s Foreign Ministry says no explosions have been reported on its territory and no evidence has been found of the presence of Russian drones.

As reported in a communiqué from the Romanian Ministry of Defense, “at no time did the means of attack used by the Russian Federation pose a direct military threat to the Romanian territory or its territorial waters.”

Ionel Dancă, Romania’s defense minister, assured that Romanian authorities are monitoring the situation, but they have no evidence that Ukraine’s allegations are true.

Last night’s incident prompted an immediate response from international organizations, including the United Nations, calling for an immediate investigation. At the same time, they expressed their solidarity with Romania and called for calm.

Source: Do Rzeczy