Scholz’s ‘pirate’: German Chancellor’s meme with bloody eye patch goes viral

A photo of Olaf Scholz has been circulating online since the German Chancellor’s official Instagram and X accounts posted a photo of the chancellor with a black bandage over his right eye and scars on his face. Scholz was forced into the ‘pirate look’ after falling while running. So the chancellor chose to joke about it: “Waiting for memes,” he wrote on Twitter, showing his first photo after the crash this weekend with a black patch on one eye and bruises on his face. “Thanks for the well wishes, it looks worse than it is,” he added.

Government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said the chancellor was doing well despite the circumstances. “He was in a good mood, albeit a little battered this morning,” she assured him. He explained that the photo was released “so that everyone can get used to what it will look like in the next week or two.”

Scholz, 65, tripped while running near his official residence in Potsdam. Yesterday, Sunday, September 3, 2023, he had to cancel an election appointment, but will now return to attend public events.

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Source: Today IT