Sancho reconstructs for the first time how the murder of Edwin Arrieta unfolded

Continuing the story, he pointed out that, being Edwin On the bathroom floor they struggled and a blow Sancho gave him hit the tile of the sink again. The Spaniards tried lift it up, but the doctor fell again, this time next to the toilet, already throwing up a lot of blood. He then pointed out that he returned to hit him being on the ground.

Although the police have made progress, the work of compilation and analysis of the tests continues in a lake discreet and within the framework of a more complex procedure than that which has been made public, involving some thirty people concernedamong agents, investigators, forensic doctors and divers.

According to a police document, the police evidence includes pieces of clothing and eight human parts plastic bags black and green where human remains were found, sent to the Institute for analysis Medicine Bangkok Coroner, among other specialized centers.

Daniel Sancho remains in prison while the lawyers they prepare their defence, which can only be exercised in court by a Thai lawyer.

Source: El heraldo