Cuba hits Russia. Eliminates illegal practices related to the war in Ukraine

Cuba has uncovered a human trafficking ring forcing its citizens to fight for Russia in the Ukraine war.

The Cuban foreign ministry said so, adding that the government was “neutralizing and liquidating” the organization.

In a statement quoted by Reuters, the Cuban foreign ministry did not reveal many details. It was only reported that the network operated both on the territory of this Caribbean island nation and in Russia.

“The Interior Ministry is working to neutralize and dismantle a network of people smugglers operating in Russia that has led to the enlistment of Cuban citizens living there, and even some citizens living in Cuba, in the armed forces involved. to the hostilities in Ukraine. the government said in a statement. Cuban.

Moscow authorities have so far not responded to these allegations.

As Reuters recalls, last year Russia announced a plan to increase the size of its armed forces by more than 30 percent. to 1.5 million troops, an ambitious goal hampered by the heavy but undisclosed losses in the war with Ukraine.

In late May, a Russian newspaper published in the city of Ryazan reported that several Cuban nationals had signed contracts with the Russian armed forces and had been sent to Ukraine in exchange for obtaining Russian citizenship.

It is not clear whether the Cuban Foreign Ministry statement is related to Ryazan’s press releases. However, the Cuban government has stated that it has already started prosecuting cases where its citizens are forced to fight in Ukraine.

“Attempts of this kind have been neutralized and criminal proceedings have been initiated against those involved in this activity,” the statement said.

Source: Do Rzeczy