District announces intervention in IED Sarid Arteta due to the arrival of an armed father

Moments of panic and tension were experienced by students, teachers and managers educational institution IED Sarid Arteta de Vásquezwhen a family man apparently entered the campus facilities armed on the morning of this Tuesday, September 5 intimidating those who assaulted his daughter the day before leaving school.

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The events took place at 6:30 in the morning, when the children were just starting school.

According to witnesses, the man, along with his wife, they were looking for the student that he attacked his daughter, but this one they were armed, enter the institution. In his The tour threatened the students and even the security guard of the place.

“There were moments of panic when I saw the angry man screaming threats to students and the security guardheld Yirley Hernandez, president of the parents of the IED located in the El Carmen neighborhood, who also told this medium how he experienced the moments of the father’s admission to the educational institute.

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“I had to deal with the situation and calm the spirits of the man who somehow wanted to intimidate the alleged aggressor. He did not understand the reasons and the boys were nervous,” the woman said.

In the middle of the commotion the father assured that he was released from prison a few days ago and that he could not leave his house, but that he had gone to school “to defend his daughter.”

Once the situation arose, many parents approached the school Worried for the integrity of children.

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One of them was the case Maidarlys, mother of two children they were attacked by the married couple who went to school.

“They called me because they had taken a revolver from the pelaosand that a woman He punched my daughter in the face. It is not possible that you send the children to school so that they are safe and these things happen, ”said the mother of the family.

He also claimed that his children have nothing to do with the case quarrel between the two young women.

Source: El heraldo