A “special operation” of Ukraine’s military intelligence service is underway in Crimea

The special operation in temporarily occupied Crimea is ongoing, but we do not want to disclose details, said Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Ukrainian military intelligence service.

The work is in progress. We are not revealing the details, but all the goals set have been achieved – said Yusov, referring to the landing of Ukrainian special forces at Cape Tarkhankut in western Crimea on August 24.

According to him, as part of this special operation, dozens of Russian soldiers were eliminated and four enemy boats were destroyed. At the same time, all Ukrainian soldiers involved in this task “returned home alive”.

“The mere fact of the landing of Ukrainian paratroopers on the Crimean peninsula is eloquent for Ukraine, inspiring for Ukrainians and our partners, and demotivating for enemies,” Yusov said in an interview with Ukrinform.

The Ukrainians destroyed the Russians’ S-400 system

The representative of the military intelligence service (HUR) would not deny or confirm the reports of the alleged landing of Ukrainian forces near Novozerno in Crimea on August 25, which had been mentioned by the Russians themselves in a conversation intercepted by the Ukrainian services. .

– If the enemy sees Ukrainian reconnaissance everywhere, that’s very good. We will continue this effort. The operation in Crimea continues, he stressed.

He pointed out that the destruction of the Russian S-400 Triumph surface-to-air missile system in Crimea will enable the Ukrainian armed forces to conduct further operations in the peninsula. – This system had to cover certain activities of the occupiers. Its neutralization is a success for Ukraine, allowing for further operations, Yusov added.

According to him, this missile complex cannot be repaired quickly and the total resources of the Russian S-400 systems are “rather limited”.

Putin: The question of Crimea is finally closed

Russia occupied Crimea in 2014. An illegal ‘referendum’ was held in the presence of the military, and the peninsula was subsequently announced as part of the Russian Federation. According to Moscow, 97 percent. residents of Crimea and 95 percent. in Sevastopol chose to join Russia.

Russian propaganda has been repeating for years that the inhabitants of the peninsula have voted for democratic reunification with Russia, in accordance with international law and the UN Charter. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the case of Crimea is “finally closed”.

The preservation of the annexed peninsula is one of the main conditions that Russia sets for Ukraine before possible peace negotiations. The authorities in Kiev do not want to agree to this; they regard Crimea as temporarily occupied territory.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in August that “Crimea will be liberated, like all other parts of Ukraine, which are unfortunately currently occupied.”

Source: Do Rzeczy