Child hanging on tree branch for 8 hours: This is how he survived the flood

A child clung to a tree for at least 8 hours to avoid flooding. This past weekend, Spain was devastated by severe storms that wreaked havoc on the population in both urban and rural areas. Rescuers in Madrid’s Aldea Del Fresno area found a 10-year-old boy hanging himself from a branch to avoid drowning, the newspaper El Pais revealed. The lawsuit was confirmed by Isabelle Diaz Ayuso, president of the Madrid region, who told the newspaper that “the poor boy spent the night perching on a tree.”

The boy, named Ethan, was on family vacation at their second home in Madrid’s Aldea Del Fresno area. When the rains increased drastically, his family tried to flee in a car to escape the heavy rain, but the car crashed into the Alberche River. The current turned out to be very strong and he was dragged along with the four people in the vehicle. The child, who was pulled out of the vehicle, was dragged through the waves for 3 kilometers before clinging to the branch of a 7-meter-high ash tree. However, the next morning, residents who heard the boy’s cries for help called the police for help. According to the statement of the police officer who found him, the boy was only holding on to a small branch. “He held on to life, I don’t know how he was able to resist,” the police told El Pais. The child, who was hospitalized in case of hypothermia, is not currently in danger. The mother and sister in the vehicle were also rescued recently. Emergency services teams continue their search for the missing father of the child.

Source: Today IT