Russia, Rifles and Hand Grenades in the New School Curriculum: Putin’s Plan

Russian children will learn to use Kalashnikovs this year. It was the British Ministry of Defense that wrote and disseminated this news which, in its daily update of the information services, also included President Vladimir Putin’s new plan to train future recruits. The report, published in X, said the new school year in Russia began with an unprecedented curriculum that includes both the exercise of military skills and the Kremlin’s view of Ukraine’s history.

Ansa reports on the innovations introduced by Putin in the school environment. “Russian President Vladimir Putin personally held an open class with 30 schoolchildren on the first day of school,” reads the British report. And again: “Updated national history exam topics include the reunification of Crimea with Russia and the ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine. The Russian Parliament approved the curriculum last year,” write the experts.

What has drawn attention and caused concern, however, is a module in the program that concerns the decision to teach young people to take up arms. “One element, ‘Fundamentals of Life Safety,’ is aimed at seniors and includes a basic military training module. This will include handling Kalashnikovs, use of hand grenades, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aircraft operations and battlefield first aid.”

Source: IL Tempo