Romania admits: “Remains of Russian drone were found in our area”

Romania admitted that parts of a Russian drone launched at a Ukrainian port on the Danube River flowing along the Ukrainian border fell on its territory. The confirmation came from Romanian Ministry of Defense Angel Tilvar, who spoke to broadcaster Antena 3 during his visit to the region today.

Condemning the incident, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that the Russian “martyr” fell and exploded during Russia’s massive attack on Romanian territory on Sunday, September 3rd. Ismail port. For Kiev, this is “further proof that Russian missile terrorism poses a grave threat not only to the security of Ukraine, but also to the security of neighboring countries, including NATO member states”. Romania has actually been a member of the Atlantic Alliance since 2004, and a possible attack on its territory could trigger the dire article 5 of the Atlantic Pact, which stipulates the collective defense of the Allies.

Recently, the Bucharest Ministry of Defense had “categorically” denied the find of the fragments, but had to admit that they were in Kiev after research activities in the area. Tilvar denied that there could be any talk of a “threat” but assured him that he had contacted local authorities to allay fears of a possible spillover from the Ukrainian conflict.

The defense minister explained that the fragments currently analyzed by the military were found near the village of Plauru. “I confirm that the parts found in this area may have come from a drone,” he said, while visiting the village just across the Ukrainian river port of Izmail, which has been attacked by Russia many times in recent days.

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Source: Today IT