She asks for palliative care, nurses suffocate her with a pillow

She had requested palliative sedation to end her suffering from terminal cancer. But something went wrong when the lethal drug was administered, and the medical team that followed him through the last weeks of his life decided to suffocate him with a pillow. This is the accusation brought against a doctor and two nurses by the Belgian prosecutor’s office and the family of the victim’s 36-year-old Belgian woman. RTBF TV reports this.

The facts date back to March 2022. Euthanasia is legal in Belgium and is also given to people with mental illness such as depression. In fact, the woman named Alexina, whose name is known only, did not demand full euthanasia, but rather palliative sedation to accompany death by reducing pain. When the doctor comes to Alexina’s house, there are two nurses whom the woman has known for a while and with whom she has been friends. At home, there is also Alexina’s partner and son.

It’s unclear what went wrong, but palliative care certainly didn’t work as it should: The medication fails to reduce the pain, and Alexina screams in pain. It was at this point that the two nurses, perhaps influenced by their friendship, decided to suffocate her with a pillow, and her partner was unaware of this move: Alexina had died naturally for her and her son.

However, the autopsy performed on the woman revealed the true cause of death and an investigation was launched by the prosecutor’s office. One of the two nurses confesses to the willful murder, while the doctor denies witnessing the last moments of Alexina’s life. The case was initiated at the request of the Liège prosecutor’s office, and the woman’s family decided to file a civil action. “The goal is not to seek sanctions, but to provoke discussion and ensure that such things never happen again,” the family’s lawyer says.

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Source: Today IT