Controversial changes in Russian schools. Weapon training for kids

A “professional vocational retraining center” was established in Russia. It is there that war veterans are prepared for a new task: teaching children.

Among the school classes of Russian youth there will be a topic “Basics of Security and Defense of the Fatherland”, the content of which causes a lot of controversy. Among other things, children must learn to use grenades or shoot a rifle. The basics should be taught by Russian veterans of the war with Ukraine, who will receive appropriate training beforehand.

According to Belsat, citing information from the TASS agency, the above courses will be held in vocational retraining centers. “Retraining will be available to veterans of the SWO (special military operation – as the Russian authorities call the aggression against Ukraine)” – the portal explains.

Students must learn basic military skills

The intention is that this subject will only be included in the school curriculum from 1 September 2024. This gives time to train new teachers. But already this school year, the Russian authorities introduced initial military training, in which students acquire basic military skills.

The Basics of Homeland Security and Defense are aimed at students in grades 10 and 11. The primary purpose of the training will be to learn how to use weapons, but also to provide first aid and to become familiar with concepts that related to national security.

According to reports, young people should also be warned against participating in “destructive youth subcultures and extremist associations”. This is another controversial element of the changes introduced, raising concerns about the possibility of violating young people’s freedom and individual beliefs.

The Russian portal Meduza notes that in June of this year, the Ministry of Education in Russia announced plans to replace the Basics of Life Security school subject with Basics of Security and Defense of the Homeland.

Source: Do Rzeczy