Depleted Uranium Weapons, Moscow’s Onslaught on the United States

Supplying Ukraine with depleted uranium weapons is a criminal act committed by the United States. This was stated by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on the sidelines of the seminar “Strengthening the regime of nuclear non-proliferation” in Bishkek. “This is not just an escalation movement, it is a reflection of Washington’s scandalous disregard for the environmental consequences of using this type of ammunition in a war zone”, he added, recalling that hundreds of specialized materials with opinions from ecologists, doctors, chemists on the irreparable harm such weapons can do to the environment. “Americans don’t care. Of course, they don’t care who breathes it there, where it will settle, what consequences it will have for those who fight and what will happen to the generations that will live in this land”, underlined Ryabkov.

The decision to supply weapons with depleted uranium was confirmed by the Pentagon authorities themselves. A new and decidedly worrying leap in quality is therefore expected in the already very tense relations between the two main atomic powers on the planet. In fact, the Pentagon has made it official that, as part of an additional $175 million military aid package for Kiev, there will also be an unknown number of 120 mm depleted uranium munitions to arm the 31 American-made M1 Abrams tanks delivered. to Kiev. Kiev. Moscow has repeatedly warned in the past that such an eventuality would be seen as a threat that would cause the conflict to “further escalate”. The new US war supply to Kiev – the 46th – includes additional air defense equipment; artillery ammunition; anti-tank weapons and other equipment to help Ukraine fight Russian troops.

Source: IL Tempo